Benefits of Taking Your Business to a Trade Show!

Whether you are looking to increase sales, learn more about the industry, network with other trade professionals, trade shows offer you an array of services at a minimal cost. How much would it cost you to visit all these people separately?

Exhibiting at a trade show has many benefits

Sabor Latino is professional trade show that represents the Latino Food niche in the Los Angeles marketplace. We began as a stand alone trade show at the Pasadena Convention Center in 2014. We responded to feedback about traffic by partnering with Western Food Expo, where we currently reside. The Western Food Expo is also housed with CoffeFest as of 2018. This environment makes it easier for these trade niches to come together in once place! How much would it cost you to visit all your potential buyers separately?

There comes a time when businesses large and small need to take a serious look at how their company is attracting buyers and increasing sales. How are the people who are interested in your products converting into customers? What can you do to attract more leads to help boost your profits? How much does all this cost?

One solution is to attend a trade show and plan to become an exhibitor. Marketing your business requires lots of time and money. One of the best ways to highlight or market your business in one location is through trade shows. A trade show for any sized business is an investment because it brings together industry professionals. A trade show exhibit also introduces new industry customers and vendors all in one location.

Your company should attend trade shows associated with your industry, hence the Sabor Latino Food Trade Show. With the tagline "We are not only chips and salsa" the trade show brings together folks from the Latino/Hispanic food space and those who want to do business in this space.

To begin with, your trade show staff should observe other trade show participants and talk to them so that they can give you ideas for your set-up. Take notice of how to attract people to your indoor or outdoor booth or tent. Look at your competitors’ exhibit and walk over to examine their products.

Introducing your business to your competitors allows you to receive a greater understanding of their industry position and may provide a more positive insight into how to compete against them. There's plenty of room for all us to succeed! Also take notice of potential customers, clients, and vendors so that your company can exchange leads that are best served by each product demographics. We've seen too many exhibitors sitting in chairs behind their booths! Don't do this!

Your exhibit, i.e., booth, display or tent should reflect the awesomeness of your services. It should be eye-catching so that people several feet away can see your display. Trade show professionals admit that your display will be the most expensive part of your trade show costs but it is well worth it to increase your brand. Then once your company display has been noticed, make sure that your staff has lots of sales materials available for distribution. The Sabor Latino Food Expo provides some help by offering booths that have furnishings at one low price as well!

Your trade show exhibit is going to be the first impression that people will see of your company and where they will learn more about your products and services. To be more visible, use a display wall or a backdrop with your company logo or photos identifying your services or products. A professional stand-alone backdrop or display wall can be used over and over again at various industry trade shows.

Overall, to make your exhibit stand out, use the services of a trade show furniture company which is a great promotional tool for all businesses. What do we mean by furniture for trade shows?

Companies that specialize in trade show furnishings provide your exhibit with customized designs, décor, and other interesting trade show furniture that helps to make your booth or exhibit a success.

Trade show furniture companies offer a one-stop collection of professional exhibit furnishings. Varying trade show furnishings include the following:

exhibit chairs/stools


display counters


table covers

mobile displays

display cases

LED lighting fixtures

banners and more.

Depending on your company budget, these furniture items can be customized with your company’s color, brand name, and/or logo. It is important to present your company in the most positive light and to give trade show participants a reason to be attracted to your brand.

Additional tips for standing out at trade shows is to think about where you position your booth, or exhibit. The smart tip is to place your company exhibit close to another popular brand business so that their traffic will also notice your company. Also, entice trade show participants with fun give-a-ways that are customized with your company’s brand name and contact information. Catchy give-a-ways will remain memorable and the likelihood of future customers or vendors placing your information into their contacts is very promising. At the food show, provide attendees with your best stuff!

Other benefits for taking part in trade shows is that companies get to test and introduce their products to the marketplace while also receiving instant feedback without submitting numerous surveys and waiting for their return.

One of the best parts of trade show attendance is the interaction your company acquires with the attendees or buyers. Meeting several at one time saves you time and money in trying to set up future meeting dates. If your company has never been involved in a trade show, this just might be the year for you to start. Contact us today to find out more about pricing!

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